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Product Designer | 2019-2021


Bestmile is a Swiss start-up specializing in the orchestration of autonomous and human driven vehicles. Within Bestmile different approaches have been put in place to improve the user experience of existing tools and the creation of new solutions.  I work both at the strategic level, for the longer-term view, and at the epic process to provide the appropriate level of detail.

Role: Research, UX, UI Design, 


Developing products clean and easy to interact interface for
– Professional app: Dashboard, Driver App, Attendant App
– Consumer app: Traveler app, Digital signage, Public interfaces

Design graphic elements for the marketing team for social media or print


Product board

Case studies Bestmile Platform


My process will be different in different projects and will be determined by many factors such as the project goals, business needs, complexity of the problem, time and etc. Company priorities, feedback, and long-term prioritization are combined into a working roadmap. Short term priorities are specified in epics in small interdisciplinary groups (design, product, engineers). As UX UI
I work both at the strategic level, for the longer-term view, and at the epic process to provide the appropriate level of detail. Once epics are groomed and planned, engineers break them down into Jira tickets in order to plan the work over the different teams. 


Audit, Users Interviews, Benchmark other solutions


Persona, User Journey Mapping, flow


Brain Storming Ideas, Product road map, User flow, Sketches


User flow, Wireframes, Prototype, Design system


Usability Testing, field test



Before doing any ideation I started to analyzing the eco system, existing products, design page by page to understand the core of the solution propose by Bestmile. Analyzing comments, and needs in the support also helped me to know the pain points and strength of the current design. For the Dashboard I organized some interviews with internal and external users, benchmark concurrency to understand better the usage of the plateform.


Understanding the Why with User Research

Through the support of my team and PM, I encouraged our team to leverage user research. We conducted some interviews to identify pain points, opportunities, and insights. I collected information near different teams like a sales team and customers success team. Those information help me to build the keys personas and experience map.


Different type of users…

Due of the different type of customers. the research made it evident how users use the plateform differently. After summarizing the information from user interviews and data analysis, It was the time to redesign and sketching the mains screens. 

Analyse of use case to build flows organizations


I build a design system with Sketch and DSM solution from inVision, this help me to be more faster when I design the screens and keep consistency.

After design screens I upload the flow on inVision to share with the engineer team and product team, they can interact and leave comments


France | Suisse

Recherche - Design - Développement